Healthy Green Smoothie

smoothieSo you have seen the Nutribullet on TV and wondered if it really is as good as they say. I think we all impulse buy at times and regret it later, I have many items that have ended up in the local charity store still unopened or only used once. The Nutrubullet is not one of those items. It has changed my daily routine and I absolutely love it. I must say I actually think it is my favourite kitchen gadget and the most used item in my kitchen. I use it every morning at least to make my breakfast, as well as other times as I feel. The recipe below is the one I use daily. There is nothing better than a liquid breakfast to start the day and give you the energy you need to keep you going throughout the morning. I actually made the below video for a friend that had asked me a few times about the ingredients that I put into the smoothie. I have listed them on facebook a few times but here is the video. It makes it so much easier to see it in action.

The Essence of Time

This is a poem I wrote back in 2010. Seems so long ago now and yet it was a time when I was writing quite a lot of the time. The Essence of Time was about life and how quickly time passes us by. I wanted to inspire people to make the most of every moment in their lives as you really don’t know how long you or your loved ones are here for. We all must take time to enjoy each day and love everyone in our lives with every ounce of our being.

At first a tiny baby,
Perfect in every way.
A long full life ahead of her,
And nothing to cloud her day.

In a blink she is a toddler,
Smiling with glee and joy.
Nothing is impossible,
As she plays with her little toy.

Now starting school the first day,
She nervously awaits.
A smile from someone friendly,
With whom she can relate.

Those school days go so quickly,
But at the time they seem so slow.
Bonds that are unbreakable,
Her friendships  start to grow.

Dreams are so achievable,
She can do almost anything.
Whatever her heart desires,
She knows that life will bring.

It’s time to go to Uni,
So exciting, moving on.
A young woman now so happy,
Those school days now are gone.

Big dreams she had are melting,
Into the distance of time past.
For work becomes routine,
And daily grind kicks in real fast.

That love was all a whirlwind,
He swept her off her feet.
An engagement ring and wedding dress,
They were destined to meet.

A mother she is now,
It happened in a flash.
One moment getting married,
Now her dreams and life just clashed.

It wasn’t as she planned it
With more mouths to feed,
With that comes responsibility,
And a growing list of needs.

The smell of great home cooking,
Wafting always through the home.
Lots of happy family memories,
Now the children have all grown.

They are growing old together,
As they thought they always would.
But the time went much more quickly,
Than they ever thought it should.

The Illness came from nowhere,
When in the garden one day.
One minute they were laughing,
Next a funeral bill to pay.

Where did those years all end up
There was so much we had to do.
But we got so caught in yesterday,
Dreams got forgotten too.

You take your life for granted,
When you are young with time to waste.
But you’re happy to just plod along,
And live your life with haste.

You see time is of the essence,
From one day to the next.
Each moment is so special,
Please don’t make it so complex.

Live your life with love,
And compassion for all.
Do the things you want to do,
However big or small.

Treat everyone with kindness
For you don’t know who they are
Or what their life has dealt them,
We are each a shining star.

Make the most of every moment,
And always have some fun.
Do not waste a single second,
You don’t know when your time is done.

I am looking into heaven
As I walk towards the veil
I am older and much wiser
I bid you goodbye for now.

© Beverley Chance 2010


Earth Needs You!

It really is time that we all realized the damage we are doing to our Earth. We are such a wasteful society. Many people need to have the latest and greatest of everything and really don’t care about the impact on the environment. We are depleting the Earth of natural resources and polluting our waters. The time has come where many of us are realizing the impact we are having on the environment.

I remember when I was young and many adults used to look at Greenpeace protesters as trouble makers but as I got older I realized that many of the people that criticised these people were the ones that were more controlled by the system than any. They believed everything that they saw on the mainstream news or read in the newspaper. How sad that we all lost the connection with our own intuition and didn’t see what was happening. So much that was a concern decades ago is coming true. Our world is in need of a helping hand and you can help too. Please visit Green peace and see how you can make a difference.

Much Love

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Here We Go Again!

love lifeWhoa, well the title of the post surely fits. Here we go again. I started my first blog in 2009 called My Prosperous world, I absolutely loved it and wrote many different things that I thought made my life Prosperous. Then one day it all came crashing down. I logged in one morning to post some love and my blog had been hacked by Muslim extremists. “Oh no!” my page was filled with blood, gore and death. I was horrified and broken. all that work just gone.

I think that blog was my lifeline, I had started it the same year that my marriage of 17 years ended. I suddenly became immersed in learning every aspect of building websites, blogs and sharing information. In some ways my blog was my escape from the everyday life that I felt so totally lost in. Everything I had known was gone and I was floating day to day in my virtual world. So here I was again my world had come crashing down just like it had, only months earlier.

I wasn’t going to let this get me down so off I went again, and again and again. Ideas would flow followed by times of quiet. Each time I started I would find that I didn’t feel like I was on the right track.
I am passionate about so many things and yet it would end as it just didn’t feel right.

I wanted to find something I loved to do that would allow me to support my family so I  went searching for online businesses. Oh my! I tried surveys, affiliate marketing and so many business opportunities. Nothing seemed to spark my passion. I was on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. How hard can it actually be to find your passion or something that keeps the spark lit within you.

I love writing poetry and at times that allowed me to express everything I was feeling but believe me it is not a continuous thing. The flow is not always there and I can write 10 poems in a month or sometimes even a week and then nothing for 6 months. I am passionate about writing but mostly inspiring others and seeing how my poems resonate with and help to uplift and heal.

Lost in the world, searching for meaning, we are all there sometimes wondering what our purpose is and why we are here. My love of books and learning have taken me on a wonderful journey over the years and my yearning for inner peace that we all seem to have is with me continually. I know where I want to be, what I want to do and so I have just decided to write about every detail about my life and take you on the journey as I fulfill my biggest wishes, desires and inspire you along my way.

So there you have it, my blog will be filled with many things I am passionate about so no one particular topic although it definitely will give you food for thought as I have never really been your run of the mill kind of person.

My passions include Poetry, energy healing along with crystals, aromatherapy and essences which I have studied for many years, Alien races and all things paranormal. The spirit world fascinates me, searching for the meaning of life and guiding others to find their inner sanctuary. Which brings me to meditation aaaahhhhhhh another love…

I am a huge fan of Julian Assange and anybody brave enough to reveal the truth. I never watch the news, that shit is just made up in my eyes. I suppose you could call me a conspiracy theorist although much is being proved as truth lately. So I dig for information that is not conventional. I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing  but the truth. I have never really conformed to the system and am becoming more and more of a rebel. I have a huge dislike for the system that we are all so controlled by. I love to read and you will always find a book in my handbag or somewhere nearby, usually on a controversial subject or something quite different. I love to rummage in second hand stores for old books on unusual subjects, Old out of print books that have seen better days are my best friends.

Natural living and all things that don’t impact on the environment. Healthy eating including growing as much of my own food as I can, which is difficult as I live in a rented home so I don’t think the owner would be too pleased if I dug up the grass to grow food. I am a vegetarian and buy organic as much as is possible. I cannot stand animal cruelty of any kind and will stand up for the rights of any creature and be the voice for the unspoken.

aah nature, I love being outdoors at the beach or somewhere among the wildlife where I can feel the sun on my neck and wind in my hair. I want to travel the world and embrace every culture, custom or belief without judgement. That brings me to where I live. Paradise, heaven, a place of tranquility and peace, I absolutely love where I live and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Far North Qld has been my home for 8 years now and I embrace every aspect of this wonderful area of the world. From its amazing rainforest’s to the beautiful white beaches there is so much to explore. You will get to see some places here as I share my love of the tropics.

My children are my passion of which there are four. They are my strength and guiding light at all times. I love them all with the deepest unconditional love possible. Their happiness ensures my happiness.

My dream is to one day provide my family with a fully self sustained, Eco friendly home on enough land to grow our own food. I want to show them how to appreciate our mother earth without depleting her energy and love every living creature unconditionally. Another dream is to open a healing sanctuary for people to come for natural healing and to just be still and enjoy the little things that life brings.

Well that is little ole me in a nutshell really. Please enjoy and share my blog..

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy life

Lots of love and big fat hugs xxxx


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